Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Prayer for the Day

Dear Abba Daddy,

I thank you that your are the giver of all life. I pray that today, as we remember the babies we love but never really knew, that you will renew the lives of those of us who grieve for those babies with a fresh infusion of your comfort and peace.

I thank you that we know beyond doubt that our precious babies are with you. Knowing that helps us to realize that our grief is truly for ourselves: our loss, our hopes and dreams. I pray that you would show us creative and loving ways to be our little ones hands and feet, and in that way, we will know that our children can make a difference in the world.

Father, I especially lift up those whose wounds are fresh - today, this week, this month, this year. I pray that you would wrap your arms around them using the arms of the people in their lives who love them like you do. Please remind them anew that, in the midst of their chaos, you are in control. Remind us all that you are well acquainted with the pain and helplessness of the loss of a child.
I thank you with all my heart for those who are burdened for others who have lost a baby. They sacrificially make themselves available and vulnerable through their willingness to re-live the pain of their own loss. Bless them today, Lord, as they once again reach out to the hurting with the comfort with which you've comforted them.

I thank you that your mercies are new every morning and your promise to work all things for our good and your glory as we follow you. And for those who have not yet chosen to follow you I pray that the knowledge that their precious baby is in your arms would drive them to those same loving, Father's arms. Abba, may you be glorified even in the midst of grief. We love you, help us to love you more.

I pray this in the name of the Son that you sacrificed, giving us the privilege to come boldly before the Creator of the Universe, Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. Amen

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